Installing PageSeq

Microsoft Edge - You will be asked to either “Run” or “Save” the program. Click “Run.”

Mozilla Firefox - A popup window will come up. Click “Save File.” Find the file, and double-click to run it.

Google Chrome - The installer will automatically download. Find where the file has been saved and double-click to run it.

License Agreement 

After your download has completed you should find where the file has been saved, and double-click it.

The User Account Control will ask you for permission to execute the file. Click “Continue.”

The install file will first display the license agreement.  Accept and click Next.

Select Destination Location 

Next the installer will select a default destination.  Click Next to continue.

Desktop Shortcut 

Choose whether you want a Desktop shortcut next.

Ready To Install 

The installation is ready to start when you select Install.

Finish Installation 

When the installation has completed you will see this screen.